10 Things before holiday

Do you plan your holiday? Dont forget together the 10 things along with you.
  • Airline Tickets 
  • Passport 
  • Wallet 
  • Identification card with picture 
  • Itinerary 
  • Hotel & Car Rental Confirmation 
  • Travel Insurance (FIND OUT MORE
  • Embassy and Emergency Phone numbers (FIND OUT MORE
  • Activate International Roaming on your mobile phone (FIND OUT MORE
  • Ensure the right settings for your mobile phone is done(FIND OUT MORE

Thanx sbb sudi baca, sila lah komen yep..=)

4 budak mengomel:

DeltaCharlie berkata...

thanks for the remainder:) hihi..can i add some food there?

Riswin Zahari berkata...

info ni berguna, sbb nk p langkawi nnti.. ^_^

rAIHan berkata...

@DeltaCharlie yeah..maybe some snack too..=)

rAIHan berkata...

@Riswin Zahari have a nice holiday okay..=)

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