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Semalam bertweet sana sini, jumpa lah twitter @Facts On Girls. Twitter nie bukan Malaysian rasanya. Tapi semua tweet dia awesome. So nak share quotes dengan korang. Actually betul gak apa yang dia cakap, cuma kadang-kadang kita tak perasan. Btw sila lah follow twitter tuh okay, kalau sudi follow twitter raihan sekali. Tengok button follow kat bahagian about me di sidebar. InsyaALLAH raihan follow soon. 

Deal that make you happy

-Being single is a good feeling, no drama or heartaches. On the other hand, it gets lonely and you miss that feeling of being taken

-Single doesn't always mean lonely and in a relationship doesn't always mean happy

-Life is too good to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn't treat you right.

-They say, if you love someone let them go to see if they come back, but let's face it, if you really love them, you're not letting them go.

-You have no idea how much I like you, how much you make me smile,how much i love talking to you or how much I wish you were mine.

-People say everything happens for a reason, but it would be nice to know some of the reasons why.

-Don't ever judge anyone. You don't know their story and what's really going on. A smile can hide so much.

-Boys are like stars, there are millions of them out there, but only one can make your dreams come true.

-Girls spend all their money on clothes, food, and make-up

-A woman's smile hides a thousand words. A woman's tear hold a thousand feelings.

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