A Thousand Years with the Christina Perri and Celcom

Post this entry about Christina Perri just because i want to try my luck. Maybe Nuffnang and Celcom will choose me to attend her awesome consert.

The concert will be on 7 June 2012 ( Thursday) at 8.30pm. Live from Jalan Sultan Ismail. I gonna to grab this chance to win a ticket before 4 June.

Nuffnang ask me why they should choose me to go to the concert. And my answer will be, this is because i'm fall in love with her song especially A Thousand Years song. Before this i found a video on youtube about one girl be proposed by a man. The video was used this song and overall the song made the moments became more romantic and everyone can feel the hapiness. I really want to hear again this song live from Christina Perri herself.

Take your time to watch this video by Dena Bahrin. I'm so touched because the song means a lots until my tears out without notice. http://www.smileycodes.info

Dear my readers, if you want to download her song. Click here Christina Perri Song. I would like to share how to download her song, and call me tone.

1. Click the link
2. Choose which one you like.
3. Follow the step as shown picture below :
4. Wait until process finish. And there you are!!
Promotion package only RM0.99/week and after promotion renewal only RM1.50/week.
More info - HERE | Celcom CMT

P/s : Nuffnang, im sorry for the broken language. Hehe. Celcom, i love you more after this

Thanx sbb sudi baca, sila lah komen yep..=)

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