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Sinopsis :

In 1868, after the end of the Bakumatsu war, the former assassin Kenshin Himura promises to defend those who need without killing and wanders through Japan with a sword with inverted blade during the transition of the samurai age to the New Age. When Kenshin helps the idealistic Kaoru Kamiya from the gangsters of the powerful opium drug lord Kanryuu Takeda that wants her school for his production of opium, Kaoru invites Kenshin to stay in the school. But the drug chemist Megumi Takani escapes from Kanryuu and seeks shelter in the school. Meanwhile the killer Battosai is murdering police officers and leaving messages attached to their bodies. When the cruel Kanryuu poisons the population to get the school, and Kenshin and the street fighter Sanosuke Sagara join forces to attack their common enemy. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Former legendary assassin Kenshin Himura (Takeru Sato) has now become a wandering samurai. Offerring aid and protecting those in need as atonement for his past deeds. During this time Kenshin Himura comes across and aides Kaoru Kamiya (Emi Takei). Her father opened the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu, a kendo school located in Tokyo and Kaoru is now an instructor there. Kaoru then invites Kenshin to stay at her dojo. Their relationship develops further, but Kenshin is still haunted by his violent past. Written by AsianWikiKenshin Himura was an assassin for the Imperial side during the war that ended the Shogunate and installed the Meiji government. After killing countless people, he made a vow to never kill again. Ten years later, he finds a home at a failing dojo, only to be caught up in a string of murders related to an opium ring. His commitment to never taking a life is put to the test as the people he's come to care about are threatened by figures from his past. 
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